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Is it dance or is it theater?

Recently, I spent about a month calling artistic directors, dancers, choreographers, and producers across the country asking them the same question: How do you define dance, theater, and dance/theater? It’s no marvel that everyone I spoke to gave me a different answer. Some said art has no definition. Others said that theater is more narrative based and dance is more movement based. More often than not, they said that the blurring of the lines between disciplines was an artistic dream come true.

I started asking this question, because I was writing an article for the March issue of American Theatre magazine and the whole issue, which has Mikail Brayniskhov on the cover, is about dance/theater. My feature in particular is about dance/theater trends across the country and the ways in which cross-disciplinary collaborations were being used as a way to attract millennial audiences to performing arts venues. Gone are the days of 90-120-minute fourth wall realism and here we are in a time of audience participation and experiences that are worth tweeting about.

Is it dance or is it theater? You decide, or just say yes.

Be sure to pickup a copy of the March issue of Atlanta magazine and read the article here:

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