Andre 3000 never fails to amaze me

Here is the proof: "Part of art is knowing when not to put paint on. And when to change your medium." "I hate cages, and sometimes nostalgia is a cage." "What I get off on is doing things people said could not be done. And so if I’m at a place where I feel like I’m regurgitating or doing…

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The situation in Ferguson, Mo. was brought up at the United Nations convening in Geneva as a part of the world's check-up on America's progress in racial disparity issues. Trayvon Martin's mom and Jordan Davis's dad were present. This is serious. Just this morning Al Sharpton said, "while we lecture others about their police state, we can't have one ourselves,"…

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Internet Foolishness for the week

It is one of my pet peeves when white people refer to a neighborhood as "sketchy" as a code word for black or brown and this is why I'm sad that I haven't seen more of the films on this list Actual time, energy and effort from this country's newspaper of record was put into this  

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