Arts attendance among American adults is declining

"Danced at a wedding? Crocheted a sweater for your niece? Posted a photograph on Facebook? Then you participated in “art making” or “art sharing,” according to the survey. Listened to music on an iPod or a radio? Then you’re among the 71 percent of Americans who consumed the arts through electronic media, by far the most popular activity recorded." New…

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I’m watching Season 1 of “The Newsroom…”

...and I am incredibly underwhelmed by the way the women characters have been written. In such a typically WASP-y way, all of the men are intelligent and reasonable, and all of the women can't use their brains on account of being too emotional. All of the women on this show are educated and in positions of power at the network…

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Proposed NEA Cuts

Pay attention people: Here's a comprehensive article about the Federal government's proposed NEA cuts. Read here. I would encourage all artists, arts administrators, fans, and advocates to sign the petition on the Performing Arts Alliance's website. 

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