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Reflections of a “Well-Read Black Girl”

I recently started listening to Glory Edim's anthology Well-Read Black Girl on Audible. The book derives its title from Edim's book club, which spawned into an organization with national chapters and a festival that takes place in Brooklyn annually. For the book, she asked renowned, black women authors in all genres of literature to write essays based on the question:…

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My thoughts on UO

The University of Oklahoma Sigma Alpha Epsilon video is all over CNN and my timeline on Facebook and Twitter. I have never seen a university react so quickly to anything. Universities are bureaucratic mines where ideas rarely lead to action with any sort of speed. However, I question whether they acted too quickly. The fraternity members were absolutely wrong and…

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I’m a black ARTS journalist. I’m not a myth.

"I'm tired of jockeying for position in a profession that never hesitates to finger "racists" in public, but can't see the very real racism in its own newsrooms." As I was scrolling through my Facbook news feed I noticed one of my friends posted a link to an article whose headline pierced me like the tusks of an ox: "I'm…

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My thoughts on the film “Dark Girls”

For the record, I've seen this documentary and attended a luncheon with one of the filmmakers-- D. Channsin Berry--who directed/produced the film with Bill Duke. They're planning to make a follow-up film called The Yellow Brick Road about light-skinned black women. The film was on OWN last night and the social media world was all a-buzz. I didn't re-watch the…

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Is entrepreneurship the only way to make it as a journalist?

With the advent of the 24-hour news cycle, news-on-demand, breaking news on social media, bloggers, and the free market of ideas and news that the Internet has provided, it is safe to say that traditional print journalism will never be as it was before. The days of graduating from college, getting a job at a paper, and working your way…

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Praising the best, or highlighting the achievement gap?

Newsweek's list of the 2000 best high schools in America was released this week. As I was browsing through the list I started looking at my home state of Georgia to see if I recognized any of the schools on the list. I went to high school in Gwinnett County, which has long been one of the best, if not…

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