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Eatonton to celebrate native daughter Alice Walker’s 75th birthday on July 13

9/11-inspired “Come From Away” champions the kindness of strangers

Native Gardens tills and uproots neighborly drama

Pearl Cleage’s latest play at the Alliance Theatre examines aging in art

Alliance Theatre Kendeda Competition marks 15 years of world-premiere plays

An Octoroon offers a send-up of racial stereotypes

Q&A: With two plays in Atlanta, playwright Carla Ching stays true to her heritage

Q&A: Rachel Devlin on the girls who desegregated America’s schools

Larry Walker speaks about his life in art

Aida at Atlanta Lyric soars on the voice of India S. Tyree

Pop-Up Magazine producer Tina Antolini talks bringing journalism to life onstage

Bruce Johnson depicts mug shots of Civil Rights leaders of the past

Review: Civil Rights photos at the High convey the fire of resistance, past and present

The High’s Making Africa exhibition celebrates an often misunderstood continent’s spirit of innovation

Topher Payne puts a hilarious spin on modern motherhood in Morningside

Review: “Between Riverside & Crazy” at True Colors is uneven but has meaningful moments

Review: Horizon’s “Blackberry Daze” is a hot, sweet summer treat of a juke joint musical

Preview: With guitar in hand, the beloved Pete the Cat springs to life at Center for Puppetry Arts

Review: “Selma” star Tara Ochs grapples with racism and white privilege in one-woman show

Preview: Mark Kendall takes on the experience of being black in Alliance’s “The Magic Negro,” 

Review: Alliance’s poignant “Too Heavy For Your Pocket” delivers a story for then . . . and for now

Preview: Playwright Georgina Escobar breaks down her feminist fantasia “Sweep”

#InHonor at Arnika Dawkins dignifies those slain by police brutality

A conversation with Sonya Clark, who tells stories about coiffured canvases

Review: True Colors’ “Smart People” uses juicy dialogue to evoke race and class

Review: SCAD Fash showcases the wearable whimsy of Carolina Herrera’s designs

Review: In Basquiat’s “Unknown Notebooks,” words yield art

Rain Pryor talks growing up with Jewish mom, iconic father in Fried Chicken and Latkes

Q&A: Clarence Davis on his life in photography; exhibit and lecture at Hammonds House

Review: MODA’s “Inspiring Beauty” makes a political and aesthetic fashion statement

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Dramatics Magazine

“Ping Chong: Theatre from the margins” This Q&A with theater artist Ping Chong was the cover story for the May 2013 issue of Dramatics Magazine.

Stage Directors & Choreographers Society Journal

Q&A with Syracuse Stage Artistic Director Timothy Bond about documentary theater

Stone Canoe Journal

“Films highlight the plight of women around the world” Comparative film review of Kirby Dick’s Oscar-nominated documentary The Invisible War and award-winning photographer Walter Astrada’s short film Undesired

Syracuse New Times

“Graffiti Bridge” Feature on the history of street art and its transition into museums, galleries and its place in urban development

“The Nutcracker’s Turning Pointe” preview of Syracuse Ballet’s production of The Nutcracker

“Derby Days Approach” feature about roller derby leagues in Central New York

“Inside Voices” preview about street art exhibit at Syracuse University’s Warehouse Gallery

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