Kelundra Recommends 01.15.21: It’s Time to Reconsider

Inhale and exhale. That is the only life's labor many of us have been able to manage lately. On Jan. 6, the world watched a mostly white crowd protest the results of the presidential election. They broke windows at the U.S. Capitol with the intention of stopping representatives who were certifying the election. To some, it looked like the fall…

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"African American children peering into a Whites Only playground in Mobile, Alabama," 1956 by Gordon Parks.

When I needed you to speak up

The last few weeks have been a tumultuous time in America. In the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, which is completely unprecedented in our lifetime, we thought racism would take a day off. Unfortunately, it didn't. In addition to exacerbating inequity related to healthcare access, we also learned about too many Stand Your Ground and police killings of unarmed black…

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“You are trapped by your ZIP code”

I grew up in DeKalb County, Georgia most of my life. DeKalb County is home to one of the largest and wealthiest black middle class populations in the country, and has been home to that population for 20+ years. However, in the late 90's and early 2000's, many schools in the southern part of the county became overcrowded and had…

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A thought on white privilege

I have read a lot in the news and on social media about privilege, why black lives matter, and police brutality lately. Yet there are still those people who deny that white privilege is a thing. I'll give you an example of white privilege in its most innocent form. There's a high school senior shadowing our graphic designer today, because…

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Marching with Selma’s foot soldiers

"Going to Selma was always an escape from the daily grind, primarily because of its emptiness. There was no Target or Starbucks, and there still is not. Selma has one of a few things and not a whole lot of anything, except history. Every year there is a commemorative march and jubilee street festival and concert to honor the civil…

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My thoughts on UO

The University of Oklahoma Sigma Alpha Epsilon video is all over CNN and my timeline on Facebook and Twitter. I have never seen a university react so quickly to anything. Universities are bureaucratic mines where ideas rarely lead to action with any sort of speed. However, I question whether they acted too quickly. The fraternity members were absolutely wrong and…

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