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""You have to hand it to print, it really had an incredible run,” said Madison, WI resident and avid reader Emily Burnett, 39, noting that though she always knew in her heart print would pass away one day, it still hasn’t been easy to bid it farewell." Read the full article. 

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Critics elevate the taste

"Art and culture also have a serious economic impact on this city. According to the most recent Otis Report on the Creative Economy, one in eight regional jobs in L.A. and Orange County are generated by the creative industry, which has a total economic output of over $230 billion annually." The LA Times recently laid of its arts and architecture…

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Elisabeth Hasselbeck is leaving The View

Love her or hate her Blonde or Brunette Christian or Atheist Liberal or Conservative Whatever your binary, you can't deny that Elisabeth Hasselbeck leaving The View is an end of an era, marked by everything from feuds with Rosie O'Donnell to campaigning for Mitt Romney. She came to the show to fill the seat left empty by Lisa Ling, who…

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