If you like what you’ve read, you’ll love what you hear. I have offered expertise for professional and student journalists across the country, spoken to student groups, and served as a panelist at BroadwayCon, American Players Theatre, and other regional theatres. I’d love to conduct a writing workshop for your group, or serve as a panelist or keynote at your next conference.

Areas of Expertise

Theatre criticism and the role of the theatre critic 

Non-traditional casting in classic and canonical works

Cultivating cultural sensitivity when viewing works by women and people of color

Contemporary visual art and graffiti art 

How to get started working as a freelance journalist

Digital marketing and social media engagement

Media relations



The Art of Writing A (good) Review

Nowadays everyone thinks they’re a critic, but there is a difference between the thoughtful analysis offered by theater experts and the Rotten Tomatoes score. Get comfortable in the aisle seat in this half-day workshop, during which participants will go see a play and write a review.

Introduction to Theatre Criticism

The objective of this workshop is to offer novices an introduction to the field of arts criticism. Over the course of the workshop, participants will learn the basics of writing a review and examine a variety of factors to consider in writing a review (form/style, new work vs classics, gender, race, etc.).

Overview: Performing Arts Criticism

Participants will learn the difference between summary and analysis; what to take into consideration when writing a review, such as the way the show is marketed, race, gender, new work versus classics, and the producing organization’s budget; and how to get started on a path to becoming a professional theatre critic.


Can anybody hear me? Using social media to build brand enthusiasm

Once upon a time, brands were built with paid placement and word-of mouth. Those two things still matter, but social media has made it possible for anyone with a smart phone and an idea to captivate an audience. In this workshop, attendees will learn how to develop an online voice, best practices for posting on social media and how to create brand ambassadors.

Media Relations for Arts Administrators 

In this 90-minute workshop, participants will get a high-level view of the news cycle and deadlines, how to develop relationships with journalists and influencers, how to pitch stories that standout and places to get arts coverage outside of traditional news outlets. 

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