The things only kindness solves

It feels as if we have been living through the 2020 Presidential Election since 2016. This never-ending campaign of posturing toward self-righteousness from both sides of the aisle has been in a word: exhausting. One of my favorite musicians, John Mayer, has a song called "Belief" on his 2006 album Continuum. In it he wrote, "Everyone believes in how they…

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There were 122 Black Women Running for Congress. Here they are, organized by state.

I kept seeing all of these articles about how there's a record-number of Black women running for Congress, but none of them said who they are or what they stand for. Those articles also failed to mention the high number of Latinos running for office, but that's a different post. The reality is that America is changing and you can't…

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“We Carry the Dreams” is a mural by Yehimi Cambron. It depicts five portraits of DACA "Dreamers,” with the stripes of American flag in the background. It is located near Capitol Avenue in Atlanta.

Kelundra Recommends 07.03.2020

Independence Day has always been one of my favorite holidays. With all of the unrest in our country, and abroad, it's safe to say that this 4th of July feels different. In the absence of parades due to social distancing, and fireworks now feeling more like bombs over Baghdad, it's hard to figure out how to celebrate Americana. The best…

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My favorite theater quotes about freedom

Nowadays celebrating freedom can seem trite since so many people are taking other people's away. On this 4th of July in America, there are children in cages at the southern border, a war with Iran is brewing, our veterans are homeless, and families dread Thanksgiving because of who they voted for. Still, our default setting as humans is freedom and…

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