The week’s antics

Kanye West ruined the best song on his Yeezus album by releasing this unnecessarily explicit video for it.I don't think that's Kim Kardashian's real body. I think he was trying to play with the image of the naked woman bumper stickers that you see on the back of trucks. Watch for yourself: 70 things somebody learned in their 20s. I…

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4 things that caught my attention this week

So I don't have time to explain the spectrum, the transition from analog to digital, and how it all affects journalism and communications. What I can tell you is that the angle that the theatre community cares about is one that I haven't thought about. Wireless microphones, like those used in live performance, fall under this Wireless Spectrum debacle and…

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This was an awesome read, so i’m sharing it

"Rather than look frankly at who we are, where we’ve been, and use that to imagine a better future, we keep remodeling the past, as though it’s a beautiful but decrepit mansion we are desperate to inhabit. It’s time we get real about how the short sale of history is a bad deal, ruinous for the stability of future generations."…

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