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My Top 5 Favorite Oscars 2017 Moments

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Let’s just jump right in.

  1. Gary from Chicago. Chris Jones at the Chicago Tribune once said something to me I will never forget. He said when you invite the public you get the  public. Jimmy Kimmel hosted the 2017 Academy Awards and surprised a group of tourists with entry to the Academy Awards on their bus tour. One of those tourists was a man named Gary from Chicago who was on vacation with his fiancee. He proceeded to kiss Halle Berry and Nicole Kidman’s hands, wave to Meryl Streep, hold Mahershala Ali’s Oscar while taking a selfie with him, and get a picture and fake wedding ceremony with Denzel Washington, all while holding his fiancee’s overflowing purse. We are all Gary from Chicago.
  2. Moonlight wins…sort of! Unless you live under a rock, you have probably heard that the wrong movie was announced for Best Picture and mid thank you speech the cast of La La Land had to give back the Oscars and get off stage to make room for the cast of Moonlight to accept their award. Yes, it was as awkward and unbelievable as it sounds. I saw Moonlight and La La Land and liked both movies, but what I found most impressive about Moonlight is that with a small cast and very few visual effects it managed to keep me hooked and wanting more. La La Land has some beautiful cinematography and an even more beautiful message about art and the people who make it, but the last 15 minutes are the best 15 minutes of that movie. It’s not that La La Land wasn’t Oscar-worthy, because it definitely was, it’s just that Moonlight managed to move me just as much with less stage business. Tarell Alvin McCraney and Barry Jenkins deserve their rounds of applause and whoever gave Warren Beatty the wrong envelope is probably out of a job. I have never felt so overjoyed for one group of people and devastated for another group of people so much in my life. Kudos to the cast of La La Land for being gracious in spite of the flub– they would have had to pry that Oscar out of my cold dead hands.
  3. Whoever is responsible for the Twitter account @HallesWig. I’m not sure what was going on with Halle Berry’s hair at this year’s awards ceremony. Halle has been giving us a perfect short cut for decades, but this year she went Frankie & Alice on us. The curls were pretty but the wig was lopsided and it seemed like the hair got bigger over the course of the evening. However, Halle’s beautiful dress more than made up for the wig fiasco.
  4. The musical performances. Everyone knows that the Oscars are best when they go Tonys. Performances by Lin Manuel Miranda, John Legend, Sara Bareilles, and Auli’i Cravahlo,  the star of Moana, made this year’s show especially delightful.
  5. Parachutes of snacks. Chris Rock delivered Girl Scout cookies. Ellen delivered pizza. Jimmy Kimmel sent little parachutes of Junior Mints, doughnuts, cookies, popcorn to the hungry celebs. Cutting those Spanx off was probably pure hell for some folks this morning.

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