Two things that bothered me today

    1. The NFL has a domestic violence crisis on its hands, and everyone is acting like this is new. “Don’t ask, don’t tell” has been the world’s view of domestic violence since the beginning of time, but once again the demonization of Black men in America is a perfect news peg to prove a point. The problem, aside from domestic violence, is that all that this news coverage serves to do is distract us. It distracts us from Mike Brown, Jordan Davis, Kendrick Johnson, Trayvon Martin, Oscar Grant, Sean Bell, and countless others. We view Black people as disposable in this country, and every time we sling mud at the NFL, but not also at “stop & frisk” and “stand your ground” that point is driven further into the American psyche. If we’re going to talk about domestic violence, let’s talk about our ass backwards legal policies for reporting and protecting survivors. Let’s talk about victim blaming. Let’s talk about providing resources for Child Protective Services to actually protect children. #ICan’t.
    2. This blog post: I agree with all 50 of the reasons why Corporate America hates Millennials. What I don’t agree with are the writer’s lack of reasons why this is okay. In defying convention and being creative, at some point responsibility, a need for more than health insurance and social security to secure a future, longing for connection outside of cyber space, and securing your credit in order to acquire shelter, matter. I have shared the writer’s sentiments at points in my life, however, this argument didn’t work for Theo Huxtable and it won’t work for anyone else. He took his ass to NYU and became a teacher.

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