President Obama’s Speech at 2013 Morehouse Commencement

“As a Morehouse graduate you now wield the power of something more powerful than the diploma you’re about to accept. You wield the power of your example.”

“It portrays a problem of ambition if you think more about what you can buy than what you can do.”

“Inspire those who look up to you to expect more of themselves.”

“A spirit of dedication, hard work, and excellence is needed now more than ever”

“Keep setting an example for what it means to be a man. Be the best husband to your wife, or your boyfriend or your partner. Be the best father to your children, because nothing is more important.”

“Everything else is unfulfilled when we fail at family”

“It’s up to you to widen your circle of concern”

Watch President Obama’s full speech at the 2013 commencement at Morehouse College. 

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