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Food for thought

  • “There is so much emphasis on IQ in organizations, and not enough on leadership. Now we have a bunch of technological geniuses who are socially and emotionally inept.” I wish I could shout this from the rooftops of every building in America. This article on Linked In about micromanagement is amazing.  
  • What was the defining moment that changed your life? I have always thought about writing a book where I interviewed my friends and asked them this very question. I wonder how many people walk around with enough consciousness and wherewithall to be able to identify the moment. Did it happen when you were 7, 17, 27, or 57? Here is a link to the article about one woman’s defining moment. Because of her vulnerability I think I’ll write that book now.
  • “How is it that in a film whose premise rests on the idea of reimagining the past, present and future, we still end up with a blonde white woman with flashing blue eyes as the stand-in for what personifies evolution and supremely fulfilled human potential?” I have not seen Lucy, though I want to, but this was an insightful read.  Lucy: Why I’m tired of seeing white people on the Big Screen 
  • I recently was turned onto a show called Roomieloverfriends, which is created by Black & Sexy TV on YouTube. I appreciate that there are people out there who are using the internet to show different images of people of color. Though they may not have one of the big 5 networks behind them, what they are doing is taking control of their images in a way that resonates with black people (and dare I say millennials). I encourage everyone to look at what they are doing.

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