Beyonce is not a feminist…

…and even if she is, her ideological views do not matter. There are many bloggers and trollers that are starting a flurry of debates on the internet about Beyonce and feminism. My question is: Why? She released a “visual” album on iTunes that sold 500,000 copies in less than a weekend. And it happened to be Friday the 13th. This doesn’t make her a feminist. It makes her a really famous person with a good marketing team. I’m not a Beyonce “Stan” (as she calls her fans) by any means, but I want us to get clear about the fact that we can’t expect pop stars to be the holders/molders of changes in gender ideology and progress. Get real.

I will say, though, that I appreciate that the release of her album is sparking conversations about feminism in the 21st Century and who we are talking about when we use the word feminist. Furthermore, I appreciate the distinction being made between white feminist thought and “other” feminist thought. I’ve often said that black women still have to burn their own bras, because in the 1970’s they were still scrubbing floors, raising other people’s children, marching for the right to vote, and fighting blatant racism and violence. There was no time/opportunity to burn a bra. They only had one bra.

But I digress…

Leave Beyonce alone and get your own feminist/womanist identity.

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