Internet foolishness for the week

This was floating around next week. I think more disturbing than the negative images and words said about women in entertainment, is the negativity that they received on the “news.” Most of these clips come from Fox, CNN, MSNBC, etc. Women in politics and communications seem to particularly have the glass ceiling lowered on top of their heads.\

This just made me happy because I loved the movie Matilda as a child

I see the video creator’s point and respect the vision, but rappers don’t care and neither do people who listen to rap music. Entertainers sell a product and as long as big booty hoes sell, hide your kids, hide your wife. I think the most disturbing thing for me is hearing kids say the N-word. I’d personally like to see that word disappear from the vernacular, like jive turkey did, and jive turkey wasn’t even offensive.

Why is is always the black organizations that drown in financial foolishness? *sigh*

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