I’m watching Season 1 of “The Newsroom…”

…and I am incredibly underwhelmed by the way the women characters have been written. In such a typically WASP-y way, all of the men are intelligent and reasonable, and all of the women can’t use their brains on account of being too emotional. All of the women on this show are educated and in positions of power at the network for which they work. We have anchors, writers, bookers, researchers, associate producers, executive producers, and board members. However, all of them are so emotionally driven that they can’t move up in their careers, be happy in love, or hold their liquor. And how do they cope with a rough day at work? Ice cream, white wine, and crying of course. I am so surprised/upset by the portrayal of women on The Newsroom┬ábecause HBO normally writes such complex women characters. And not only are these women simple, they are stuck in a script where nothing happens and everyone is a narcissist. I’m going to try to stick with watching the show. Hopefully it gets better…

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