“Protest Silence. Protest Absence.”

Theatre Communications Group, which is the national governing organization for professional theaters, is hosting a salon series on its TCG Circle Blog called ‪#‎Trayvon‬. The series aims to see if, or how, we as theater artists and administrators can curb the hatred (on all sides) that has come as a result of the not guilty verdict in the George Zimmerman trial. Here’s a link to my contribution to the series. Whether you agree or not, I encourage you to read all of the posts thus far, and to consider how going forward we can have discourse without damnation. For those who are unfamiliar with the TCG Circle Blog it is an excellent source for arts news and a great way to keep up with what theater artists are doing all across the country. I am thankful to TCG for the opportunity and I hope to work with them again in the future!

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