The week’s antics

Kanye West ruined the best song on his Yeezus album by releasing this unnecessarily explicit video for it.I don't think that's Kim Kardashian's real body. I think he was trying to play with the image of the naked woman bumper stickers that you see on the back of trucks. Watch for yourself: 70 things somebody learned in their 20s. I…

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Empathy and vulnerability

The researchers concluded that “the present work finds that people assume that, relative to whites, blacks feel less pain because they have faced more hardship.” I watched Oprah's Lifeclass Part 2 with Dr. Brene Brown last night. She is a sociologist who studies courage and vulnerability. Brene Brown started gaining national recognition when her TEDTalk based on her book Daring…

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“Protest Silence. Protest Absence.”

Theatre Communications Group, which is the national governing organization for professional theaters, is hosting a salon series on its TCG Circle Blog called ‪#‎Trayvon‬. The series aims to see if, or how, we as theater artists and administrators can curb the hatred (on all sides) that has come as a result of the not guilty verdict in the George Zimmerman…

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This has been a crazy past couple of weeks if you like having rights

In short: A Texas case challenging whether affirmative action was constitutional according to the equal protection clause of the 14th Amendment was reviewed by the Supreme Court. It was sent back to the state appeals court, but the Justices' decisions did indicate that instances where race is considered as a part of someone's college admission would be placed under more…

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