2 interesting articles about religion

  1. The first comes from the Huffington Post and is called “Gays, God and Gospel music.” This piece is a review of sorts, about an essay called “The Fan Who Knew Too Much” in a book of essays on the role gays have played in the world of Gospel music. “He considers much of the music coming from today’s gospel performers to be “hate speech.” And one need not listen to very much of it to see that he has a point. There was a time when a gospel song about being “delivered” wasn’t code for being “delivered from homosexuality.” Now it almost always is.”
  2. The second is from Thought Catalog and is titled “Christians, Stop Giving Us A Bad Name.” “Just because we do an atrociously awful job at reflecting who God is and what He stands for doesn’t make Him flawed, manipulative, or imperfect”

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