The pen is STILL mightier than the sword

A principal at an experimental K-8 arts school in Roxbury, Massachusetts fired security guards and hired art teachers. As a result, students’ test scores are rising, attendance has improved, there has been a decrease in violence, and teachers are more motivated to teach.

As the product of in-depth arts education and huge advocate of it, I say kudos to the principal! Study after study conducted by the National Endowment for the Arts show that arts education teaches cognitive schools, teamwork, critical thinking, and improves students’ educational experience overall. Furthermore, NEA studies have also shown that exposure to the arts–just one art class–can make a child more likely to engage with the arts as as an adult. Why is this important? Because a vibrant arts scene is critical to a city’s health. The arts attract talented, motivated, innovative, educated people with disposable income to a place.

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