Ten quotes to inspire your 2017

In no particular order of importance, I hope this list inspires someone to be the person that they were born to be.

  1. Do not confuse readiness with accomplishment. – A Course in Miracles
  2. You can’t Instagram comment on a soul. – Pastor Carl Lentz
  3. Challenges should activate latent potential. – Michael Bernard Beckwith
  4. Your conviction and your convenience don’t live on the same block. -Lisa Nichols
  5. It’s not about being brave all the time. It’s about finding quiet moments of courage and taking risks in service of your something bigger. You have to be willing to take a deep breath and do the brave thing. And then, after a while, you have to be willing to do it again. -Tiffany Han
  6. Charity is seeing someone on a higher level than what they have accomplished. – A Course in Miracles
  7. Do the right thing when you know it’s right and not when it’s convenient and you can wrap your head around it. – Tony Robbins
  8. Your gifts are resilient and patient. They don’t dim with time. – Lauretta Hanon
  9. As I laid at fear’s foot stool mercy lifted me up and placed me on grace’s shoulders. What had been would never be again and what will be is more than my imagination can grasp, so what is now is all that I need.
  10. The joy of my choices has made other people’s life better. – Beth Hermes
  11. BONUS: What’s gone may be gone, but I won’t go on playing dead. It’s time to start living the life I’ve never led! – Sister Act the Musical

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