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Southern women in hip-hop are having a moment

This is my first blog post in a long time. After writing “Kelundra Recommends” posts to get through quarantine almost every week last year, I took a break from blogging. However, there is so much to celebrate that I had to share the good news. I had the chance to co-edit a series of articles on southern women in hip-hop for Atlanta magazine. We have an essay, a profile of Yung Baby Tate, seven mini profiles, and a playlist by DJ Princess Cut.

I am thrilled that this package has come together so well. The entire thing was written and edited by women– mostly women of color. I think that one of the key roles of a journalist is to document cultural movements and give voice to the voiceless. In a city like Atlanta where hip-hop is cultural currency, we rarely hear from the ladies. Yet, over the past few years, we’ve seen women rise to unprecedented levels of commercial success. I write more about this in my introductory essay.

I invite you to dive in and make a beach read of the entire package. Links are below. Drop a comment and let me know what you think. Peace!

Southern women in hip-hop are having a moment written by Kelundra Smith

The South has something to say. Meet 7 women driving the conversation. written by Kiah Anderson, Heather Buckner, Jacinta Howard and Christina Lee

Fresh off a TikTok takeover, Yung Baby Tate sets her sights on television written by Jewel Wicker

DJ Princess Cut puts together a playlist of the best coming out of Atlanta today (and some great throwbacks)

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