Things that have annoyed me this week

  • I’m so over blog posts being treated as news and news being treated as blog posts. And news outlets have done this to themselves by not explaining their relevance to the public and not diversifying their newsrooms. In communities of color it’s even worse because all we do is get our “news” from bloggers.
  • Some Pakistani teenage girls got shot by the Taliban and started an education reform movement and our government has the nerve to “shutdown,” because they can’t get their way. I’m over everything and everybody.
  • The government trying to make us think they came to a solution
  • African Americans have the nerve to complain about lack of representation in network television shows. Then instead of watching Blair Underwood in Ironside on NBC, they blow up Twitter talking about Preachers of LA on Oxygen.
  • The Real Housewives of New Jersey Reunion

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