Elisabeth Hasselbeck is leaving The View

Love her or hate her

Blonde or Brunette

Christian or Atheist

Liberal or Conservative

Whatever your binary, you can’t deny that Elisabeth Hasselbeck leaving The View is an end of an era, marked by everything from feuds with Rosie O’Donnell to campaigning for Mitt Romney. She came to the show to fill the seat left empty by Lisa Ling, who was as lovable as any. Her strong and often conservative point of view was fresh and so different from the rest of the left-leaning ladies. I think as a member of the “liberal media” it’s easy for us to paint all conservatives as heartless, but Hasselbeck is far from that. I will truly miss her sweet presence, cute kids, strong moral ground, big heart, and impeccable sense of style. I’m so glad that we will be able to see her keep pursuing her dreams and moving forward in her television career. Whoever comes in after her will have huge shoes to fill (likely Tory Burch flats :)).

I’ve noticed that Michelle Compos-Duffy, Kris Jenner, Brooke Shields, Jenny McCarthy, and Mario Cantone have been frequent guest co-hosts. I love Michelle Compos-Duffy and I think it would be nice to shake up the show with a strong Latina. As for who will replace Joy, that’s a whole other set of black kitten heels to fill.

Watch the last episode of Elisabeth Hasselbeck on The View going out with “A Day of Hot Topics” (like her or not, you will cry)

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  1. Linda Johnson

    Greatest ever news for “The View.” Would love to see Allie Wentworth & Jenny McCarthy on the show. Will be so sad when Joy is gone.

  2. pieceofkay

    I think Jenny McCarthy could be good, I’m just not sure if she’ll bring the humor that they need for when Joy leaves.

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