Shifting the power of the purse

So I’m late on writing about this, but I think all of the discussion about women being the breadwinners in 40% of American homes is generating a much needed dialogue about gender roles and education in our country. The feminists are saying “duh,” and the conservatives are saying that this is the death of the American family. I grew up in a home where my mother was the breadwinner, and I must say I don’t think of my father as less of a father.

This number has been largely attributed to the increase in single parent homes. However, I have not seen a single article that attributes this to another obvious factor, which is that most college students are women. She who has the degree is making the money. Isn’t this what our country is about? Or is it only okay when HE is getting the education and money, and therefore has the power? I think now that statistics have confirmed what many of us gals suspected, we’re going to see a major shift in women’s political power, and therefore policy decisions.

Read the full article.


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