No adults allowed

A Spanish organization aimed at preventing and stopping child abuse recently produced a new ad aimed at empowering abused children. The ad uses a type of technology that displays a different message for people 4’5″ and shorter, than it does for those 4’6″ and taller. The idea behind this, is that if a child is with his/her abuser, they will see a message and a number to dial for help that an adult can’t see. I always enjoy reading the comments on things like this. Many of the ones below this article expressed concern about young children’s abilities to read, as well as a fear that other companies without children’s best interests at heart would abuse the ability to do this. I must say, I was reading by the time I was 5 or 6 years old, so I’m pretty sure some children 4’5″ and shorter will be able to read this. To the concerns about targeting “secret” ads at children, I must point out that laws in the United States are different. Advertising is regulated and monitored, so harmful products cannot be peddled to kids legally in this country. View the ad and information about the technology used to create it here. What are your thoughts?

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