Affirmative Action

The Abigail Fisher affirmative action case has been making its way through the courts for years, and since the Supreme Court hearings start soon, it is now all over the news. Abigail Fisher graduated from high school in 2008 and during her senior year, she applied to the University of Texas. Her parents and siblings all went to UT, but…

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What if they helped, instead of recorded?

Fight videos. They are all over the internet, from news outlets to blogs to Instagram. Sites like World Star Hip Hop were built on them. But, while we're all watching someone be pulverized, has anyone ever stopped to ask why the person who recorded the video chose to record it? I was listening to the radio this morning and the…

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IF it is true, this is how I feel about Rachel Dolezal…it’s almost funny…but it’s not

On Friday, June 12 the internet and cable news outlets exploded with the news that Rachel Dolezal, the president of the Spokane, Washington Chapter of the NAACP is a white woman who has been living her life dressed in blackface for the last 10 years. Dolezal teaches Africana Studies at a university in Washington and stated in her bio that…

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Grief, Lean In, and Haters

Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg is best known for her controversial book Lean In, which is all about women in the workplace. Recently, her husband Dave Goldberg, died unexpectedly from a treadmill accident in Mexico. A few articles about her "lean in" mantra as it relates to his death have been published. The couple have two young children, and many of…

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Marching with Selma’s foot soldiers

"Going to Selma was always an escape from the daily grind, primarily because of its emptiness. There was no Target or Starbucks, and there still is not. Selma has one of a few things and not a whole lot of anything, except history. Every year there is a commemorative march and jubilee street festival and concert to honor the civil…

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Race Reads

Millennials are less tolerant than you think "The fact of the matter is that millennials who are white — that is, members of the group that has always had the most regressive racial beliefs, and who will constitute a majority of U.S. voters for at least another couple of decades — are, on key questions involving race, no more open-minded…

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