Rachel Jeantel’s testimony

This is the most racist thing that I have ever seen in my life. She is completely articulate and they are acting like she is not speaking English. They not only set her up for failure by not prepping her, but they also acted like she did not realize that they were condescending to her. It’s obvious that she became frustrated because they treated her like she was an idiot. This is another injustice in this case. Trayvon Martin was killed for being black in a nice neighborhood and Rachel Jeantel has been crucified for telling the truth. This is Part 1 of her testimony:


2 thoughts on “Rachel Jeantel’s testimony

  1. bob dole says:

    Actually they did prep her, which invalidates the rest of your arguments since who knows what else is inaccurate. The problem is that she’s a 19 year old, still trying to graduate high school and she just wasn’t ready to talk at a grown up level.

  2. bob dole says:

    The lawyers should have prepped her better so she’d be able to say the name of her high school and the name of the country where she’s from. Surely it’s their fault she’s 19 and in 11th grade.

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